From the Low Mown Meadows to Los Llanos

Here’s a song about a journey that started in Crook & ended in Colombia. Jack Greenwell, a Durham lad who was a true citizen of the world.

From the Low Mown Meadows to Los Llanos words & music copyright Michael Burns May 2015

From the Low Mown Meadows to Los ‘Jannos’
From Billy Row to Barca, Lima, Bogotá
From the Low Mown Meadows to Los Llanos
Jack Greenwell never dreamt he’d go so far

A lad from Crook whose legs were strong from putting,
invited by West Auckland to Turin
helped them win that World Cup in Italia
a score that made those Durham pitmen grin.

1912 sailed off to Barcelona
4 seasons as a wing half, watch him fly
2 years champions of Catalunya
Howay Jack, Bisca Barka was the cry

Jack was soon the manager of Barca
5 championships and dos Copa Del Rey
That Durham lad, the toast of Barcelona
Howay lads, Bisca Barca Jack would say

Jack soon mastered Catalan and Spanish
the food and culture of his new found land
but war clouds in north Africa were gathering
so Jack and Doris had to change the things they’d planned

Jack had to escape the threat of Franco
and soon was coaching football in Peru
his national team were champs of South America
and his club the national champions ‘La U’

In the 1940’s Jack was in Colombia
with Los Li-ones de Santa Fe
but he died on the 20th of Novemebr of October
and all of Barcelona wept that day

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