Red Vest, Blue Shirt

This song tells the story of Andrew Bowden, my Gt gt uncle, he would have been the brother in law of George Warren, who features in my song, ‘Pease Pudding & Daal’, had he lived to see his sister Agnes’ wedding. Andrew’s death led to the tightening up of some safety regulations in the mines. Andrew was born to an Irish family in Brigham, near Cockermouth, Cumberland. Cumbrian miners got some stick when they arrived in the North East wearing clogs, still in general use in Cumbria. (See Chapter 4,’ Boldon Colliery’ in ‘A Man’s Life’, the autobiography of Jack Lawson.) Details of the clothing of late 19th century pitmen come from the writings of Mr Fred Wade of Annfield Plain, whose writings are full of interesting detail of Durham life

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