The Ballad of Bart Monaghan (melodeon)

Berry Edge Furnaces C1847

Bart Monaghan farmed on the thin mountain soil
and in Dunamore living was hard
repeat as refrain
and try as he might
when the crop caught the blight
It was time to cross over the sea.

Bart Monaghan sailed for the Cumberland shore
glimpsed the Whitehaven light through the spray
repeat as refrain
well, the boat pitched and rolled
and Bart prayed for his soul
but at last he was over the sea

Well some men from his townland had found furnace work
on the Derwent the Tees and the Tyne
repeat as refrain
So he tramped ‘cross Whinlatter,
up Hartside, down ‘dale
and his welcome at Consett was fine

Bart worked at the furnace he watched and he learned
and soon he was running the job
repeat as refrain
then their wages were cut
and the men went on strike
and he wouldn’t blackleg for a bob

Well the scabs were brought in and candymen came
and the families turned out of their homes
repeat as refrain
— Bart had to leave town
to find a new job
to the banks of the Tyne Barty roamed

Well Bart kept the furnace for Lowthian Bell
at the Low Walker works if you please
repeat as refrain
Then he crossed the three rivers
to Middlesbrough town
worked for Bolckow and Vaughan on the Tees

When Port Clarence blew in on the Tees’ Northern bank
Bart’s family and neighbours moved there
repeat as refrain
It seemed Dunamore
had been founded anew
So our Barty and Mary moved too

When young John was born in 1855
a christening party was held,
repeat as refrain
There was bacon and cabbage
and Poteen and pipes
there was fiddles and dancing as well

At 11 o’clock it was time to go home,
but the ferryman slept in his bed
repeat as refrain
So Bart took the boat
to row his friends home
never thinking they’d all soon be dead

Well alas the boat sunk and the four friends were lost
yes four downed that night in the Tees,
repeat as refrain
Bart and Pat Gavan
and Mary, Pat’s wife
were drowned there with Patrick O’Neal.

Well this song might end sadly as songs often do
but the Monaghan family came through
repeat as refrain
they’re in Manchester, Boro
in New York and Bute
they’re in Consett and Dunamore too

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