Miss Joan Shorrocks & Barbara and Bill’s (waltzes)

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Music by Michael Burns
Copyright 2010 Michael Burns


Great Aunty Joan, (aka GAJ), lived until 2011, when she was 92.

This picture shows Joan’s father Alfred Shorrock and Gilbert? (the family had 2 horses, one after the other).  After Alfred came out of the pit he opened a hardware shop in Walkden, west of Manchester.  He would go out on the round selling hardware while his wife ran the shop.

This tune in waltz time was inspired by the Gracie Fields’ song, ‘She’s a Lassie from Lancashire’, it’s followed by ‘Barbara & Bill’s’ a waltz for the golden wedding of my friends, the Scholes of West Haughton.

Joan Shorrocks dots part 1
Joan Shorrocks dots part 2

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