OK, so I’m blowing my own trumpet, but when you put your music before the public, it’s nice to get positive feedback. Here are a few quotes.

“I’m pleased one of my favourite song writers is here: Michael Burns.”
Pete Morton, song writing workshop, Whitby 2013.

“I like that song very much!” [Little News from Dunamore, MB] “I’ll check out the rest of them when I have a moment. Well done!
Wishing you all the best with Reynardine!”
Andy [Andy Irvine 7 Dec 2013]

“Hi Michael, just thought I’d send you a quick note to say thank you for passing on all your tunes and songs to me; I’m at home and enjoying listening to them right now sat in the kitchen with a brew. Happy New Year: see you at a session sometime soon.
All the best.”
Mike McGoldrick 2 Jan 2013

“I am talking ‘in the dark’ here because I don’t know what you do with your songs and you might do this already – but – they all seem good to me…”
Ed Pickford [11 July 2013]

“Hi Michael
We have listened to your song [Walking in the Steps of Michael Davitt] and it is very good; many thanks for sending it on. If you are in Ireland be sure to call on us.”

Christina, Michael Davitt Museum, Straide, Co. Mayo.

“Hello Michael
I am Robert Watt, born in 1941 near Cookstown in Co. Tyrone. I have lived for 50 years in Southern England.
I have listened to all your songs and stories. Thank you very much for that; now I would like to forward that all to distant cousins in America, Australia and Canada who I am sure would welcome a chance to share them too.
I always ask before I pass on anyone’s work or details to a 3rd person.

Hope there are more to come.”

From Robert [Watt]. 11 Dec 2012

“Hi Michael, just a quick out of the blue email from a total stranger who lives in Los Angeles, to say a big thanks for your inspiration with the Maryport song you wrote. ["The Maryport Mystery"]

After listening to it, I have been inspired to follow suit from court and newspaper transcripts – and am in the process of reviving the memory of a girl murdered 131 years and a week ago in Workington…’The Ballad of Lucy Sands’ will be written and complete by the end of this weekend :)

Couldn’t and probably wouldn’t have done it without someone forwarding your song to me… so thanks again… and its a nice song too :) was tempted to cover it…”

Steve [Baldwin}

“You’ve got to give me the lyrics to that song” Vin Garbut, Lymm, 6 Sept 2012